Mildura Health Private Hospital (MHPH) is a not for profit 53 bed surgical and medical private hospital located in regional Victoria, approximately six hours drive northwest of Melbourne and four hours’ drive from Adelaide. We have a strong emphasis on providing high quality healthcare whilst at the same time fostering a relaxed, friendly home like environment. Our Doctors and staff are dedicated, highly skilled and committed to providing excellent patient care.

We provide healthcare to both privately insured and self-insured patients and we also provide Tier 1 healthcare services to the Veteran Community. Our hospital opened in 1985 and has been owned by the current owners Mildura Health Fund since 1997.

The inpatient ward, Banksia ward, has 30 beds incorporating a two bed Enhanced Care Unit (ECU) service and Palliative Care room. Accommodation is within single and shared rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The rooms are equipped with flat screen televisions and direct dial telephones.

The hospital’s Day Procedure Unit offers privacy and individual care with comfortable private patient bays with recliners and individual flat screen televisions.

Our Medical Oncology Unit within Mildura Health Icon Cancer Centre is staffed by specialist Oncology nurses and a local, Specialist Medical Oncologist, provides seven patient chairs and two beds in a modern, comfortable and relaxed environment with garden views through large picture windows.

In December 2023 the Perioperative Services Theatre Unit will comprise four Theatres staffed by highly skilled Perioperative nurses. Direct access to the Theatre Unit occurs through the Admissions Unit with patient flow after your procedure to either the Day Unit or Banksia Inpatient ward.

We provide a range of services including:

Acute Medical
An acute medical ward is a hospital unit that focuses on providing prompt care and treatment for patients with various urgent medical conditions
Bariatric (Laparoscopic Banding, Gastric Sleeves)
Involving surgical procedures or medical interventions aimed at helping individuals mange obesity and achieve significant weight loss for improved health.
Cardiology (Pacemaker, Cardio-version)
Providing treatment, care and support for people with cardiovascular diseases such as coronary, valvular, heart muscle and heart rhythm disorders.
Day Procedure Unit
A specialised healthcare facility where medical procedures and surgeries are performed on patients who are discharged on the same day, without the need for overnight hospitalisation.
Ear Nose and Throat
Treatment includes diagnostics, medical interventions, surgeries and post-operative care to address ear, nose or throat conditions and improve health.
Offering minimally invasive diagnostic procedures using an endoscope to examine and visualise the internal organs or structures, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of various medication conditions.
General Surgery
Providing a wide range of surgical procedures to diagnose, treat and manage various medical conditions affecting different parts of the body.
Entails medical examinations, diagnostics and surgical interventions specifically focused on women’s reproductive health and conditions.
Enhanced Care Unit
A specialised healthcare facility that provides a higher level of monitoring, care and attention to patients with complex medical needs or conditions that require more intensive support than a standard hospital ward.
IVF Treatment (Oocyte retrieval)
A specialised healthcare facility that provides a higher level of monitoring, care and attention to patients with complex medical needs or conditions that require more intensive support than a standard hospital ward.
Focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and management of cancer, including the use of therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy to combat the disease.
Specialised medical care for your eyes and vision, including examinations, diagnostics, treatment, and management of eye conditions and disorders.
Oral and Dental Surgery
Surgical procedures related to your mouth, jaw or teeth, such as tooth extractions, dental implants or corrective jaw surgeries.
Specialising in diagnosing, treating, and performing surgical procedures to address musculoskeletal conditions, injuries and disorders involving bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.
Providing specialised medical care and treatment tailored for infants, children, and adolescents under the age of 18 years.
Pain Management
Providing medical services and treatments aimed at alleviating or controlling patients' pain and improving the overall comfort and quality of life.
Palliative Care
Providing specialised support for patients with serious illnesses, managing symptoms, alleviating pain and improving the quality of life for individuals and their families facing life-limiting or terminal conditions.
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Procedures aimed at enhancing appearance, restoring form and function and addressing congenital abnormalities, injuries or deformities.
Comprehensive medical examinations and evaluation to assess your health condition or concerns. The physician will utilise their expertise to diagnose any medical issues you may have and develop a personalised treatment plan to address specific needs.
Sleep Studies
Overnight admission wherein you will be monitored to diagnose and assess sleep disorders, like sleep apnoea or insomnia and develop a treatment plan to improve your sleep and well-being.
Specialised medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for conditions related to the urinary system and male and female reproductive organs.
Vascular Surgery
Specialised medical care, diagnosis, and treatment for conditions related to the blood vessels and circulatory system, such as arterial blockages, varicose veins, and aneurysms.
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