Before you arrive
Before You Arrive

Prior to your admission

Ensure the Preadmission Planning form is completed and returned to the hospital prior to your admission.

Follow instructions from your Doctor regarding taking your medication prior to your procedure.

Advise our Reception staff if you require an interpreter.

Contact the hospital or your Doctor if your condition changes and you have contracted COVID-19, cold/flu or open skin lesion or cut.

Please note that you will receive a text message from the hospital the day prior to your procedure, advising fasting and admission times.

Check your insurance details

If you have private health cover, please contact your health fund to confirm that your admission is covered, and if there are any co-payments/excess which may apply to this admission.

If you have a compensation claim such as WorkCover or TAC, please confirm your entitlement for this admission with your insurer.

If you are uninsured or self-insured, please contact the hospital Reception team on 50222611 for an estimate of costs for hospitalisation which is payable on admission. In addition, self-insured patients will incur a cost for all transfer to another hospital (if required).

Please ask your Doctor to explain any additional medical fees which you may incur. These may include additional out of pocket costs from your Doctor, Physician, Surgical Assistant and/or Anaesthetist. Your Doctor must do this prior to your procedure as it forms part of the Informed Financial Consent process.

You may also receive accounts for diagnostic services including Radiology and/or Pathology

Pharmacy, mobile or long-distance phone call cost are also an additional cost.

Ambulance Victoria Membership is recommended for all patients.

What to bring with you

Clinical information

  • Any Doctor’s letters, reports, notes and/or consent forms;
  • All relevant x-rays and scans.

Medication information

  • An up-to-date list of your current medications authorised by your General Practitioner (GP) or Pharmacist.
  • All medications currently being taken, in the original labelled pharmacy container (including inhalers, patches, drops, injections and herbal/complementary medicines).

It is important for us to know what medicines you are taking. We also need to know if there have been any recent changes to your medicines.  

Insurance information

  • Healthcare card, Pharmaceutical Safety Net card.
  • Health fund card, DVA card for veterans.
  • Medicare card and pensioner concession card.
  • Letter of authorisation for treatment from WorkCover or TAC.

Personal belongings

  • Nightwear, dressing gown, slippers.
  • Toiletries.
  • Physical aids.
  • For children: a favourite toy or book.
  • For babies: disposable nappies and infant formula (two bottles).

Please do not bring valuables, large sums of money or jewellery. MHPH does not accept responsibility for patient’s valuables or property brought into the hospital.

Advance care planning

If you have appointed an Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) and/or completed a Refusal of Treatment Certificate and wish them to be applied to your hospital admission, please inform the nurse on admission.

Consent for Procedure/Treatment

Your Doctor is required to obtain your full, free and informed consent prior to medical treatment. Your Doctor should discuss with you your present condition, alternative treatments available and explain the nature, purpose, likely results and risks of the recommended procedure or treatment and the consequences of refusal of treatment.

You should be provided with the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered. Your signature on the consent form is proof that the consent conversation took place and you have understood and agreed. A parent or guardian is required to give informed consent for patients under 18 years of age unless the patient is deemed to have capacity. Your consent remains valid as long as there is no change to your condition or to the nature, extent or reason for the medical treatment. Development of new treatment options should be discussed with you.

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