Account Enquiries
Account Enquiries

Before your stay

As part of your Pre-admission process, you will be asked to complete a health fund claim form. This form allows the hospital to send your account direct to your health fund following your discharge. You will only receive an account from the hospital if there are costs not covered by your fund, which are payable prior to your procedure.

We recommend patients with private health cover contact your fund prior to admission to confirm your level of cover.

After your stay

For any questions regarding your account after your stay at hospital, please contact our Accounts Department Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm (excluding public holidays).


Do I need to contact my health fund prior to coming to hospital?

It is advised to contact your health fund provider prior to your admission to confirm your eligibility, level of cover and liability for excesses, co-payments or other out of pocket costs.

Does my hospital account cover all my costs?

No, you will receive separate accounts from your Doctor, Physician, Surgeon and Anaesthetist. If applicable, you may also receive accounts for allied health services, radiology, pathology, pharmacy and ambulance fees.

I don’t have private health insurance but I intend to pay for my hospitalisation. How much will I pay?

Please contact our Reception team prior to admission for an estimate of fees and charges.

It is impossible to foresee all circumstances that may affect your account; therefore, this estimate is an approximation only.

You will be required to pay the estimated costs of your hospitalisation prior to, or on admission.

I am claiming through Workers compensation, TAC or other legal claim. What do I need to do?

You will be required to provide evidence of acceptance of your claim (including claim number, contact person and other relevant details). An approval letter from the Third Party is required to be produced.

Where approval has been given, your account will be forwarded to the Third Party for payment. If your claim has not been accepted (or is not yet determined) your account will be treated as uninsured and you will be responsible for payment of the estimated costs.

Once approved, you are fully covered for theatre costs and accommodation on the Inpatient Ward in a single or shared room. It does not automatically follow that you will receive approval for a period of hospitalisation even though you may have been covered under the same claim for previous visits. Each hospitalisation must be approved by the Third Party.

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