Paitent Experience
Patient Experience

Our promise

At MHPH we are committed to provide you with safe, effective and comprehensive patient centered care ensuring that that we meet your goals, values, beliefs and expressed preferences during your stay.

We will treat you in a personal and memorable way at every stage of your healthcare journey.

To make sure that we deliver on this promise we regularly seek feedback on the quality of service people receive in our care.

How do we collect patient feedback?

Upon discharge from our hospital, we invite each patient to provide us with their feedback about their MHPH experience.

The responses are thereafter reported and presented to the leadership team and the Board.

How does MHPH improve its care and service?

It is recognised that patient involvement leads to a more positive experience and also enables high-quality health care and improved safety.

How can you get involved?

At MHPH, we want to work with our patients, consumers, carers and community members, to help us improve our services to achieve our mission of being ‘providing life-long, exceptional health care when you need it.

There is significant evidence that consumer participation leads to improvements in the quality, safety and accessibility of healthcare services and welcome your feedback.

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