Returning home

Before coming to hospital, be sure to make plans for returning home – talk to your family, doctor, case manager or pre-admission nurse about any needs you may have upon leaving hospital.

Matters to consider include shopping, domestic help, personal care, meals, home safety aids and equipment.

MHPH staff will assist you and your family to plan and arrange care after you leave hospital.

If needed, community based health and support services will be arranged. Discharge services are available and can be accessed through the Nurse Unit Manager or Hospital Coordinator on the Banksia Inpatient Ward.

Patient Transport

It is important to consider your transport to other facilities or returning home when you come into hospital.

Discharge process

Patients will be escorted from the Ward to Reception upon discharge.

We encourage you to speak with a nurse should there be any last-minute queries:

  • Go through discharge medications and relevant discharge instructions.
  • Confirm pick up arrangements with the patient’s friend or family member.
  • Enjoy tea and coffee and light refreshments prior to collection.

Patients may be collected at the hospital’s main entrance by parking in the drive through directly outside the main entrance of the hospital accessible via Thirteenth Street.

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