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New system to efficiently diagnose and treat fibroids and polyps
Dec 03, 2023

Women being treated for fibroid and polyp removal will now experience a less invasive procedure and improved overall results after Mildura Health Private Hospital (MHPH) acquired new state-of-the-art surgical equipment.

MHPH CEO Marcus Guthrie said the equipment was currently the best on the market and the upgrade would ensure the hospital was providing the best possible standards in gynaecology care for women in Sunraysia.

“The custom designed equipment for minimally evasive treatment of fibroids and polyps, will reduce complications and improve outcomes for patients. It will also assist with a patient’s recovery postoperatively,” Mr Guthrie said.

Dr Kimberley Sleeman, who has a regular gynaecology operating list at MHPH and runs her own private clinic – Mildura O&G, used the hospital’s new equipment on two patients on Friday.

“We also had the opportunity to test the new system in a training day with four patients in August, where all theatre staff were able to see the advantages of the new system in terms of ease of use, improved operating time, improved vision and excellent results for all patients,” Dr Sleeman said.

One of those earlier patients was registered nurse Rebecca Goss, who underwent the procedure for issues she had been enduring for years.

“I have put up with very heavy periods over many years, gradually increasing and unpredictable, as reaching perimenopause. Associated with this were regular headaches, constant tiredness and a decline in my social life,” Ms Goss said.

“I have watched my mother put up with the same symptoms, if not worse, and I said I’d never let it interfere with my social life as it did with my mother.”

During Ms Goss’ procedure, Dr Sleeman removed a uterine polyp and small fibroids, with very positive results.

“Post-operation, I experienced very light intermittent discharge for five to six weeks and only a dull heaviness in my lower abdomen for less than 24 hours. I was able to perform regular activities straight away and I’m now free of my initial symptoms - my quality of life is back on track.”

The three-part surgical system is made up of the Omni Hysteroscope, Fluent Fluid Management System and MyoSure Tissue Resection Device, and combined are used to diagnose and treat polyps and fibroids in a safer and more comfortable manner.

“The diameter of the diagnostic scope is 3.7mm, compared to the previous scope which was 5mm, so it’s smaller and therefore easier to use and there’s less risk of complication,” Dr Sleeman said.

“While the Fluent Fluid Management System provides excellent patient safety and gold standard treatment, to provide minimally invasive treatment options for patients.”

She said many women suffered heavy bleeding issues due to fibroids or polyps, and the new purpose -designed equipment, was likely to assist about two to five Sunraysia patients each month.

Mildura Health Private Hospital is the only hospital in Sunraysia that has the gold-standard equipment.

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